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ParkMagicChicago Overview
ParkMagic is a totally new system that allows you to wirelessly pay for parking, simply and efficiently.  The ParkMagic system (referred to herein simply as the “ParkMagic System”) works with your cell phone, a ParkMagic pre-paid parking account and an in-car meter that will sit on the dashboard of your vehicle. When you are ready to park call 1-888-4TO-PARK and enter the zone number and duration you wish to park. After your prepaid account is validated for available funds, a wireless text message--your parking receipt--is transmitted to your in-car meter. This message displays the requested parking zone as well as the date and time the meter expires.

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Paying for parking in Chicago
is simplified with ParkMagic.

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   Newsflash! 2/13/09
   New Meter Rates in Chicago


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